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Watch the greatest firework art that disappears in the blink of an eye but remains in your memory!

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Do you know that fireworks evolve every year? About 1,400 years ago, around 600 A.D., black powder was invented in China and the culture of fireworks began. Gunpowder had initially been used for military purposes, but gradually the firecracker culture was developed. Thereafter, with the development of science and technology from the 18th century, new colorful gunpowder was invented, and various types of fireworks were invented. And now, fireworks have been evolved by digital technology. Theatrical fireworks, which are synchronized with music using computers, have become popular all over the world, and the programming of the performance is becoming more and more important.
Making real fireworks requires years of experience and craftsmanship, but for simulation fireworks, those who do not have experiences in making fireworks can create a firework display. If, with the assistance of computers, excellent music selection and superior performance are combined with fireworks to an even greater extent than in the conventional methods, fireworks will evolve beyond the existing framework of "summer tradition" and will develop as an art form. We sincerely hope that many people will learn about this wonderful art and culture, and that the firework culture will develop further.
For the purpose, we are working towards the following goals.
Screen of simulation fireworks work

How the donation will be used

The projects of the Simulation Fireworks Association are possible thanks to your support. We would like to ask for your continuous support so that we can develop the firework culture and that people who cannot go to see fireworks due to their physical conditions can enjoy the works.
The event to show the simulation fireworks will be held after the corona disaster is over. For preparing the event and relative investigation, we would appreciate your support.
Your donations will be properly used for the following purposes.

Donation amount and privilege

Amount: minimum 300Yen(Around $3)
Privilege: We will introduce you as an individual or organization that has contributed to our simulation firework competition (using a pseudonym is permitted, or you may choose not to be introduced).


There are no tax incentives for this donation.
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