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Details and entry

5th Simulation Fireworks Competition


(1)Date: Works will be published at November 16 (Saturday), 2024(The live stream of competition will begin at 10:00 AM(UTC))
(2)Viewing method: You can see it on YouTube or Bilibili.
(4)Method of voting: Viewers can vote for the works on the web before November 24 (Sunday) 15:00, 2024(UTC). Voting page is here.


scheduleStart accepting entries(Aug. 24 (Sat) 15:00, 2024)
End accepting entries(Oct. 27 (Sun) 15:00, 2024)
Preliminary judgement(End of Oct.-Early Nov., 2024)
5th Simulation fireworks competition(Begin at Nov. 16 (Sat) 10:00 AM 2024), begin voting
End voting(Nov. 24 (Sun) 15:00, 2024)
Announcement of results of competition(Nov. 26 (Tue), 2024)
(2)Preliminary judgement:
   In order to maintain level of the quality of the competition, the works corresponding the examples below will be excluded from the preliminary judgement.
   (i)The work that does not meet the criteria such as length and resolution of a video.
   (ii)The work without fireworks production.
   (iii)The work that does not have a device for fireworks production.
   (iv)The work that was already published.
   (v)The work that violates laws or work that is contrary to public order and morals.
   There are three categories comprised of assignment music category, free music category and single shell category. You can enter up to one work per person per category.
   (A)Assignment music category
      (i)Entries compete for production with the same music.
      (ii)Assignment music is the following music.

Eternal River/alan(Composition: Iwashiro Taro)

Download:MP3 format WAVE format

This music is known as the theme music for the movie "Red Cliff Part II -The Final Battle for the Future-".
He fights to protect his family from the oncoming enemy. He have no choice but to fight. Please express this strong feeling with fireworks.
The above sound source file was created by our association using piano performance.

   (B)Free music category
      (i)Entries will arbitrarily select music and compete for the production. In addition, production without music is also acceptable.
      (ii)The video time should be between 2 min. (120 seconds) and 7 min. (420 seconds).
   (C)Single shell category
      (i)Include the same shell fireworks five times.
      (ii)There is no time limit.
      (iii)No music is required.
   (i)The competition video will be posted up on our YouTube and Bilibili channel.
   (ii)The live stream will begin at Nov. 16 (Sat) 9:30 AM 2024(UTC), the competition will begin at 10:00 AM (UTC). After the live stream ends, an archive of the stream is created.
   (iii)On the Bilibili channel, the competition video will be released immediately after the live broadcast ends.
   Your fireworks are judged by 3 ways, judged by audience, tournament's adjudicators and special award judging.
   (A)Viewer judgement
      (i)You can vote on Viewer judging pate.
      (ii)The voting period is Nov. 16 (Sat) 10:00 AM to 24 (Sun) 15:00, 2024(UTC).
      (iii)The audience can vote as many times as they want. However, any votes that try to raise the rating of a particular work, or that are casted repeatedly in a short period of time, are treated as invalid votes.
      (iv)We will award the audience award to a work which has gained the many votes.
   (B)Judging committee judgement
      (i)Our judging committee, consisting of experts in fireworks and CG, will judge the entries.
      (ii)We judge your work from aspects of color, formation, direction, difficulties unique to simulation fireworks, and consistency with the title.
      (iii)We will award the adjudicator award to a work which has gained a high score.
   (C)Special award judging
      The theme music selectors will judge the submitted works for the assignment music category from the viewpoint of compatibility with the music.
(6)Presentation of the prizes
   (i)Among the works awarded by the judging process mentioned above in (5)(A) and (5)(B), we will award the excellence prize to the highly rated work, and the grand prize to the most highly rated works.
   (ii)We will present certificates to each winner of the excellence prize and the grand prize.
   (iii)In addition to the above awards, special award winners will be presented with a certificate of merit.

How to Entry

Please follow the rules below to enter your works.
(1)Creation software: Any software available. (Example: FWsim, Finale, Pyrocreator, After Effects)
(2)Video format: generally MP4.
(3)Video time length: Assignment music category should be the time length of the music. Free music category should be within 120 seconds to 420 seconds. Single shell category does not have a time limit (Please avoid creating a lengthy video).
(4)Resolution: generally 1080P (width 1920px * height 1080px)
(5)Entry fee: free
(6)Entry acceptance period: Aug. 24 (Sat) 15:00 to Oct. 27 (Sun) 15:00, 2024(UTC)
(7)Number of works that can be entered: Up to one work in each category per author's name.
(8)Copyright of music:
   (i)Please use the above sound source files (MP3, WAVE) for the assignment music category. You can use them only when entry into the assignment music category of this competition without permission.
   (ii)For the free music category, the music is required to be complied with one of the followings.
      *It is a copyright-free music.
      *It is the sound source file which you made by yourself.
      *Received consent from the sound source creator.
   (iii)Please note that if the music is not complied with either of the above conditions, (i) or (ii), your work will not be eligible for the grand prize.
   (iv)For copyright free music, please refer to Copyright-free music page.
(9)Video copyright: Belongs to the video creator. In addition, at the time of entry, we willis consider that the live distribution of this competition, the act of uploading videos as entries, and show at screening are authorized.
(10)Entry method: We will post on this page as soon as it is decided.

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