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About us

The roots of fireworks date back to the black powder that was invented in China around the 6th century AD. After that, it was transmitted to the Middle East and Europe through the Silk Road, and it is said that it was transmitted to Japan around the 15th century AD.
Fireworks were actively produced in Italy in Europe, used in religious and royal events. In Japan, fireworks were actively produced in Aichi, Nagano, Niigata, Akita, and Ibaragi Pref., which are closely related to General Tokugawa during the Edo period(1603 - 1868). In terms of technology, science and technology developed in Europe around the 18th and 19th centuries, enabling bright fireworks using new compounds such as potassium chlorate and enriching colors. After that, white fireworks using aluminum and magnesium and fireworks combining acoustic effects appeared. In Japan, fireworks with devised ways of falling, openning, and shining, such as fireworks with parashute, forming, containing many small shells, time wave fireworks, have appeared.
And now, fireworks have evolved to a new stage combined with digital technology. Theatrical Star Mine (rapid fireworks show), in which a large number of launch tubes are electrically connected to igniters and computers and fireworks displays that are synchronized with music, is becoming popular. Pyrotechnists are demanded programming that create a show by comprehensively matching the launch angles, heights, combinations of fireworks shells, rhythms, etc. with music in units of less than one second. In addition to the beauty of the fireworks shells, when the power of music, production, programming, etc. are combined, fireworks will become more wonderful arts. With that in mind, we have established this association as an organization specializing in fireworks software technology and CG fireworks made with software(simulation fireworks).
We are working towards the following three goals.
I hope that fireworks continue to evolve into a field of art called "fireworks art" with the help of everyone.
Founder of Simulation Fireworks Association

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