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Main purpose

Summer is all about fireworks. Red and blue fireworks, heart-shaped fireworks, fireworks with unexpected movements... I'm sure everyone has memories of seeing many different kinds of fireworks. By the way, did you know that fireworks evolve every year?
Dating back to about 1400 years ago, around 600 A.D., black powder was invented in China and the fireworks culture began. Initially, it was used for military purposes, but gradually the firecracker culture was born, and later, with the development of science and technology after the 18th century, new gunpowder was invented, and the colors became richer, and various kinds of fireworks appeared.
And now, fireworks are about to evolve with digital technology. Fireworks that are set off using computers synchronized with music have become popular at fireworks shows all over the country. In this new method, we programmed the timing of the fireworks by using computer "fireworks launching software," but the programming also involved the technique of combining music and fireworks.
On the other hand, in recent years, fireworks shows have been cancelled or reduced due to problems with funding and security, and firework shops have been in a difficult situation.
Therefore, we decided to hold this event to promote the fireworks culture by using the aforementioned "fireworks launching software". It takes a lot of experience and craftsmanship to make fireworks, but with computer simulation fireworks, it is relatively easy to make a fireworks production even if you have no experience of making fireworks shell, and it is easy for people with a good sense of production and good music selection to participate. If we can combine good craftsmanship, good music, and good staging, fireworks will evolve beyond the traditional "summer spectacle" and increase the number of opportunities to display fireworks, which in turn will lead to the development of fireworks culture.
We sincerely hope that many people will be interested in fireworks by watching the excellent fireworks videos at this event and it will make the fireworks culture developed further.

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