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1st Simulation Fireworks Competition [Announcement of the results]

Posted date:2020/12/07

Thank you for coming to our simulation fireworks competition(live-streamed at November 28th, 2020 on Youtube).
We would also like to thank all the artists who submitted their works.
We announce the results of audience judging and judging committee below.(We will omit honorific titles)
Congratulations on winning the awards.

Gold AwardTitle "Hikari - Beyond the Brightness" (Artist: Bocaboca)See this work
Silver AwardTitle "Towards a Brilliant Future" (Artist: Chairman of Komatsukakokagayaki Fireworks Shop)See this work
Bronze AwardTitle "To Starry Sky of Jewelry Stones" (Artist: Chairman of Komatsukakokagayaki Fireworks Shop)See this work
Creativity AwardTitle "Jewelry Planet" (Artist: Chairman of Komatsukakokagayaki Fireworks Shop)See this work
Association AwardTitle "Shakudama - The Dawn Star" (Artist: KO,TAI-TING)See this work

The comments from the commitee are quoted below.(We have omitted honorific titles here.)

[Entry No.1 "Shakudama - The Dawn Star" (Artist: KO,TAI-TING)]
Highly completed eight direction blossom with so many elements incorporated,such as color change, crossette, flashing of stars, completely along with the image of the night time just before dawn, it was fantastic.

[Entry No.2 "Rainbow Shell" (Artist: Josué Beauregard)]
It was the Multi-circled core firework in the image of rainbow and wonderful work with the beautiful shape. We think if some detailed parts are more carefully treated, it will be even better work.

[Entry No.3 "210mm Double Core Shell Burst Nishiki Stars With Rising Small Flowers, And Fall Blue Stars And Snow" (Artist:ksana0354)]
Although it was simple, we felt this work was carefully planned in details. Very beautiful.

To add to that, the color contrast between gold and starry blue was exquisite and great.

[Entry No.4 "Jewelry Planet" (Artist: Chairman of Komatsukakokagayaki Fireworks Shop)]
It was a nice work just as imagined by the title. We think if its shapes were more refined, it will be a even better work.

[Entry No.5 "Marigold" (Artist:Mabu-san)]
We were amazed by the fact that Marigold which blossoms upward is meticulously imitated in this firework. If they refine its color contrast, it will change into even more exquisite one.

[Entry No.6 "Meteor at Guang Bridge" (Artist: KO,TAI-TING)"]
A twinkling firework as its main subject, combination of a great variety of highly completed fireworks were superb. If it is better balanced making good use of active parts and nonactive parts,this work will be more inspiring for audience.

[Entry No.7 "Bright Starry Sky" (Artist: Zheng Tong)]
Repeated shots were very powerful. We think if each character of firework are a little bit more underlined, this work will be more worth seeing.

[Entry No.8 "To Starry Sky of Jewelry Stones" (Artist: Chairman of Komatsukakokagayaki Fireworks Shop)]
We felt like we were travelling starring sky during those five minutes. Its colors are also well balanced and

the image coming from the title is expressed well. It was great.

[Entry No.9 "The beauties of nature" (Artist: Mabu-san)]
We think the configuration of this work was well organized as the depth of sky is well utilized. It was also full of wideness. The way of using sky was wonderful.

[Entry No.10 "Shining Seaport" (Artist: KO,TAI-TING)]
The direction was wonderful. The direction scene was separated in two, right and left. But we think this difficult situation is all the more reason to make this direction activated. Its harmony with the music was also great.

[Entry No.11 "St Michaels Fireworks Lija Malta" (Artist: Keith Tanti)]
A spell of magical fireworks were fantastic. We assume if the whole balance of this work is improved, it will be more mysterious and beautiful.

[Entry No.12 "The Treasure in My Heart" (Artist: M.watanabe)]
Each firework is highly completed, making harmony with the music, it was fantastic.

[Entry No.13 "Hikari - Beyond the Brightness" (Artist: Bocaboca)]
The level of completeness, synergy with the music, and the fullness of expression were fantastic. We could feel the infinite possibility of the situation firework.

[Entry No.14 "Towards a Brilliant Future" (Artist: Chairman of Komatsukakokagayaki Fireworks shop)]
We were so attracted to those fireworks that we felt like we were drawn into those works.Synchronization with music, refinement to the nines, all were fantastic.

[Entry No.15 "mabtec-On a flashy night" (Artist: Mabu-san)]
With this work, we could feel the new era coming which only the simulation firework can bring in. A shift in perspective was well utilized, making this work even more fantastic.

2nd Simulation Fireworks Competition was dicided to be held.

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